The Dynamic Approach To Displaying Gym Equipment At A Trade Show

The fitness industry is a dynamic one and gym owners frequent trade shows to check out the newest and soon-to-be best available equipment. Anyone in the business of offering innovative equipment should employ creative trade show booth design concepts to win over potential buyers. The unique design can be mixed with live-action and audio-visual components capable of making a strong impression.

Utilize the Multi-Room Design

A trade show booth comprised of several three-walled "rooms" allows for different segments attached to the primary booth to serve a different purpose. Setting aside one section for the marketing/sales crew is a must. Putting the merchandise available for sale in a section dedicated solely for browsing allows interested parties to examine the merchandise without any distractions. Then, another room could be used for more creative promotional concepts. The key point here is the multi-room design eliminates the potential for a cluttered display to undermine promotional effectiveness. 

Present a Personal Training Session

Setting aside a portion of the booth for creative marketing is advisable. Crafting a personal training booth, for example, might bring the entire display to life.

A mock-up of a gym floor could be designed to house a display of the equipment being offered for sale. Rather than just displaying the equipment in a purely static manner, a personal trainer in the room offers to lead all those curious about the equipment through an easy workout. The trainer can then to take them on a test drive through a simple, five-minute workout.

Interactive displays such as these truly do give gym owners the perfect insight into how clients will perceive the equipment. Certainly, that is better than merely stacking equipment on shelves and hoping people see the value. 

Integrate a Video Display

The sight of a personal trainer working out with someone surely is going to attract people's attention. The trainer can't put on a show every five minutes for what could end up being a 16-hour day. A video wall display of a training session along with dynamic images of the equipment in motion can capture attention from the start of the event to closing. 

Prominently position the video display wall right above the sales personnel booth. The video ends up drawing people closer to the booth which, in turn, allows the sales team to engage the person or suggest he/she take advantage of the personal training.

Defeat Dullness

People are attracted to things that are dynamic. A generic display booth might be a little too dull to have an effect. The multi-room, interactive, theatrical approach to catching people's eyes, however, could yield great results.

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